Technology Services

Welcome to WilkComm Reno, your gateway to a world of cutting-edge technology solutions. We specialize in transforming your living and working spaces through a range of innovative services. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing installations, design and repair that  will simplify and enrich your life.

Smart Home Systems

Experience effortless living with fully automated Smart Home Systems. From across the world to around the corner, you're always just one click away from controlling the smart devices in your home. Designed to make your home a haven of simplicity and control, our systems grant you command over temperature, lighting, music, security, and more. It's not just about technology; it's about enhancing your lifestyle.

Custom Home Theater Systems

Bring the latest and greatest in home theater to your own living space with a Custom Home Theater System. Picture your dream home entertainment system with cutting-edge technology, captivating surround sound and high-definition visuals. Our seasoned technicians ensure a flawless installation, turning your space into a personal theater for an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Home Audio Systems

Transform the listening experience of your home with a simple to use, high-fidelity audio system that is expertly designed for your life and musical preferences. Whether you prefer music for your backyard gatherings, or hearing your favorite songs while in the shower, elevate your space with top-notch audio solutions for your home.

Advanced Commercial Technology Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of tech solutions encompasses a wide spectrum of enhancements for the efficiency, productivity and simplicity of your business.

  • Smart Conference Rooms: Elevate meetings with integrated AV, lighting, and climate control.
  • Structured Network Cabling: Precision wiring for seamless data transmission and connectivity optimization.
  • Voice/Data Network Installation: Top-notch installations for reliable voice and data network connectivity.
  • Fiber Optic Installation: Navigate the future with expert Fiber Optic testing and terminations.
  • Wi-Fi / Wireless Network Installation: Step into wireless excellence with robust network setups.
  • Security Camera Installation: Ensure safety with CCTV, IP cameras, and comprehensive surveillance solutions.

Don’t let broken technology put you in a bad mood!

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