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Smart Home Installation & Custom Designed Automation Features

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Experience an effortless living experience with fully automated Smart Home Systems. From across the world to around the corner, you're always one click away from controlling the smart devices in your home.

When designing your home automation system with WilkComm, we lay out your options, allowing you to customize your smart home according to your preferences. Getting started is simpler than you think! Just check out our easy guide, below.

60% of Americans with smart home devices

say smart technology has a positive impact on their daily life.

Smart Home Automation System Features

Smart home automation systems may encompass a range of features to elevate your living experience. Key features in our home automation package include:

  • Security: Enhance home safety measures and enhancements.
  • Smart Thermostats: Energy-efficient climate control solutions.
  • Security Cameras: Surveillance for enhanced security.
  • Smart Lights: Lights respond to environmental cues.
  • Countertop Appliances: Kitchen turned tech.
  • Door Locks: Enhanced security with automation.
  • Smart Doorbells: Intelligent entry monitoring systems.
  • Irrigation: Automated watering for plants and landscape.
  • Automatic Blinds: Smart window covering solutions.
  • Smart Plugs: Automation for connected devices.
  • Smart Speakers: Voice-activated smart home assistants.
  • Smart Smoke Detectors: Intelligent fire safety solutions.
  • Voice Control: Home automation through voice.
  • Garage Door Openers: Smart access control for garages.
  • Leak Detection and Mitigation: Early detection and prevention.

Embarking on your home automation journey with WilkComm is a seamless process.  This brief guide explains step by step how to plan your dream home automation system:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Our experts help you identify areas for automation, addressing concerns in lighting, security, entertainment, and climate control.
  2. Choose a Smart Device: If you don't already have a hub in mind, we can assist in selecting the best one for your needs. Then while we set up the entire system, we'll ensure all devices are compatible with popular options like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit.
  3. Research Compatible Devices: Rely on our expertise to recommend and verify compatibility with a range of smart devices, from bulbs to thermostats and cameras.
  4. Install and Set Up Devices: Our team guides you through the installation and setup process, ensuring seamless integration with your Wi-Fi network and app configurations.
  5. Connect Devices to Hub: WilkComm seamlessly integrates each device into your chosen hub or platform, providing a centralized interface for convenient control.
  6. Create Automation Rules: Explore automation possibilities with our support, crafting rules and routines tailored to your lifestyle, from lights-off times to temperature adjustments.
  7. Explore Advanced Features: Delve into advanced features and integrations confidently, guided by our expertise. Link your smart home system to other services and embrace voice control seamlessly.
  8. Stay Informed: Trust WilkComm to keep you informed about the latest updates, new devices, and security practices, ensuring your home automation system remains optimized and secure.

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